Philadelphia@ crispy snacks

Philadelphia® Crispy Snacks, our creamiest launch to date

Our goal is to innovate and deliver the best customer service. That´s why we are always trying to offer the newest products and satisfy the customers new needs. This is exactly the case with one of our latest launches, Philadelphia® Crispy Snacks, a product that feels crunchy and creamy in equal parts, ideal to be […]

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trazability Eurofrits

The key role of traceability

We may well explain food product traceability as the product´s DNA, the information that allows us to reconstruct the itinerary a product followed from its harvest, manufacture, storage and distribution until it reaches the final consumer. Crucial information that, in case an unexpected event arises, helps point out immediately in which phase the error has […]

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los congelados se reinventan

Frozen food reinvents itself

Long gone is the belief that frozen products are “worse than fresh products”. In present day, thanks to innovations in the product manufacture and the better preservation of its nutritional properties, frozen products are on the rise and its consumption continues to grow every year. Eurofrits works on a daily basis towards our goal of […]

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Europoints Eurofrits

Europoints: your loyalty reward

The New Year has started with plenty of new projects, launches and challenges, always with the aim of delivering the best customer service. Customers are for us the absolute priority, and for that reason we are always working towards their needs. And precisely in order to reward our customers´ loyalty we have renewed our Europoints […]

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