Froxá and Eurofrits have started this year with a collaboration project which will enhance the search for synergies and competitive improvements.

Such industrial optimization process aims to develop punctual agreements related to production, logistics and commercial areas in both companies. With the purpose of continuous improvement which characterizes Eurofrits and Froxá, we consider such union as a strategy commitment to the development of new markets and consolidation of the existing ones. Reciprocal manufacturing of some of the products which were commercialised by both companies will increase both competitive and qualitative values. Through such collaborations, Eurofrits and Froxá have committed themselves to increase their remarkable position in HORECA channel, widely used in our country and abroad. Sharing values such as commitment, innovation, responsibility and creativity have made this agreement to become a hopeful project that will strengthen both companies in all areas. For further information, please contact: www.eurofrits.es www.froxa.com