expansion web As a result of the alliance with Aviko B.V, Eurofrits position on the European territory has been reinforced, whereas it had already a powerful presence in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland and Malta. Another one of the consequences of such alliance, which happened at the end of 2006, is the growth of their product range, and had as an objective to take advantage of both companies know-how on developing new products, increasing on this fashion the possibilites to do business with their current and potential clients. The agreement with Aviko will help consolidate the sales of the products manufactured at Burgos (Spain) in those foreign markets where Aviko has a good position. Moreso, there have been made releases and developments of new products which fit better with the likes and trends of such markets, adapting Eurofrits products to the specific requirements in order to consolidate the company on the diverse European markets. Because of all this, Eurofrits will assist together with Aviko to various international trade fairs: Conxemar (Vigo, Spain, 7th-9th October) and Sial (Paris, France, 19th-23rd October). On such occassions they will exhibit their vast range of products along with their novelties intended for release this year. At Eurofrits the main concern is quality control and food safety. Because of this they are committed to not using genetically modified food, to responsibly manage allergens and to meet all the legal requirements, especially those belonging to food legislation and the HACCP system throughout the entire production process. The traceability managing system adopted by Eurofrits compiles and collates all the information related to their ingredients, raw materials, technological processes and final products, allowing them to know any given situation which might have an impact on the final outcome. Eurofrits uses traceability as a managing tool implicit in the hazardous analysis and critical control points (HACCP), whose main goal is to mitigate the hazards related to the production and marketing of food products. Eurofrits traceability system plays an important part and fullfils the role of promoting food safety, helping to outline, immobilize and, if required, withdraw selectively their products from the market while being able as well to provide information regarding the causes that have been detected at any given point of the chain from the production up to the sales point. Eurofrits certifies its quality managing system by means of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 granted by BVQI under the ENAC and UKAS accreditations, as well as through the BRC norm (higher level certificate) and IFS (A level). These norms guarantee food safety, focusing on good manipulation practices and traceability; they are applied throughout the entire production process and they establish the requisites that affect all of its’ areas. Both norms are widely recognized within the European market. Among the wide range of products that Eurofrits succesfully markets we can outline those under the Typical Tapas range, which, featuring a great value added, wish to implement the concept of “picoteo” or “finger food”, a concept on the other hand that begins to be quite extended across Europe. Among this range of products we can outline the breaded ketchup sausages, made with Frankfurt cocktail sausages. This product is popular both with children as well as with adults and features a great value because of its originality and attractive presentation. Eurofrits also exports with great success their cuttlefish strips, a typical product from Spain made with tasty cuttlefish stripes covered with a crunchy home-made coating. For more info: Eurofrits, S.A Dpto Exportación Polígono Industrial Villalonquéjar C/ López Bravo, 45 09001 Burgos Spain Tel: 00 34 947 298 413 Fx: 00 34 947 298 152 export.eurofrits@gmail.com