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Código 509001
Formato 9
Cajas por fila 11
Filas por pallet 99
Cajas por pallet 396
Peso por pallet 2
Altura por pallet
Código EAN
Cajas por fila
Filas por pallet
Cajas por pallet
Peso por pallet
Altura por pallet
Código EAN

Breaded Hake Fillet

Fish Specialties


Fish product, made up of hake fillet blocks, breaded, deep frozen and packaged according to severe hygiene conditions. Average weight per unit/kg: 100 ± 5 g.


This product does not need to be defrosted, take 2 units from the bag and fry in very hot oil (plenty of oil) at 180ºC) for 8 minutes until browned and crunchy. Remove the product from the deep fryer, put it on a dish and let it stand for some minutes before serving.


18 Months / -18ºC.