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Meat Specialties

En Eurofrits tenemos la más amplia gama de productos congelados de la variedad Meat Specialties.


Beef and pork hamburger. ...

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  Rounded-shaped product made of Spanish beef meat(65%). Size: 35 mm. Ø. Approx. average weight/unit: 25g COOKING INSTRUCTIO...

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Beef Mini Hamburger

Product made of Spanish beef meat (70%). Size: 70 x 55 x 0.8 mm. Approx. average weight/unit: 27 g Cooking instructions: FRYING PAN / ...

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San Jacobo

Rectangular-shaped product made of cold pork lean meat (40%) and cheese, coated in golden breadcrumbs. Sizes: Approx. average weight/uni...

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Beef Nuggets

Semi-cylindrical shaped product made from Spanish beef meat (40%) and coated in golden breadcrumbs. Dimensions: 60 mm. Ø x 12 mm. Length. A...

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Beef Hamburger

  Product made of Spanish beef meat (70%). Size: 110 Ø x 10 mm. Approx. average weight/unit: 85 g Also available in110 g. ...

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