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Código 304004
Formato 1X7000
Cajas por fila 9
Filas por pallet 13
Cajas por pallet 117
Peso por pallet 819
Altura por pallet 1,96
Código EAN 8427318304040
Código 354001
Formato 20X200
Cajas por fila 11
Filas por pallet 18
Cajas por pallet 198
Peso por pallet 792
Altura por pallet 1,96
Código EAN 8427318300318

San Jacobo

Meat Specialties


San Jacobos

Rectangular-shaped product made of cold pork lean meat (40%) and cheese, coated in golden breadcrumbs. Sizes: Approx. average weight/unit: 100 g


 DEEP FRYER : from frozen, take out 2 units from the bag and fry in plenty of hot oil (180ºC) for 3 minutes until golden brown. Remove the product from the deep fryer and put it on a dish covered with absorbent paper. Leave to sit for 2 minutes before serving.


18 Months / -18ºC