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Código 804002
Formato 3X1000
Cajas por fila 11
Filas por pallet 16
Cajas por pallet 176
Peso por pallet 528
Altura por pallet 2,1
Código EAN 8427318804021
Cajas por fila
Filas por pallet
Cajas por pallet
Peso por pallet
Altura por pallet
Código EAN

Jalapeño Snacks

Typical Tapas


Snacks stuffed with mild cream cheese and pieces of jalapeño pepper, coated in golden crispy breadcrumbs and prefried. Approx. average weight/unit: 25 g.


Oven: Preheat the oven at 240ºC (fan oven). Without defrosting, place 10 snacks in the oven tray. Bake for 6 minutes until golden brown. Wait 3 min. before serving the dish. Fryer: Without defrosting deep fry (180ºC) for some minutes. Remove the product when golden brown and place them on a paper towel. Wait for 3 minutes before serving the dish.


18 Months / -18ºC.