Few companies on the market now are as customer-orientated as Eurofrits. This brand is so involved with their clients that they encourage them to create new products with the company in response to the needs of the market. Only in this way has a company specializing in frozen food been able to develop products such as the Typical Tapas line or Salmon Fingers with mustard, spicy chicken stick, cod delicacies and spicy peppers all of which were on hand at the last food fair in Vigo, or others like their Roman calamari’s and fried fish. Apart from their exquisite dishes, with an excellent quality level in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 : 2000 certificate as well as the IFS granted by EFSIS-BRC with their highest level, they also have a complete line of distribution and other services. Thanks to the location of their factory in Burgos they can transport to any national destination in a very short time, which further optimizes their customer service. And if this were not enough, their production capacity (40,000 tons annually) provides their partners with an increased growth potential. This, together with the efforts of their professional workforce of over 150 people and their broad distribution network, is the reason that Eurofrits´ quality is already enjoyed in over 17 countries around the World.