Discovering ChefBurger

The presentation tour around Spain of our ChefBurger hamburger range continues. This time, 35 salesmen from LADUC (Les amics du Cuisinier – Alvilardan, S.L), specialized in the distribution of ready to go last generation food, had the chance to discover and enjoy our famous Premium Hamburgers, produced exclusively with top quality 100% guaranteed beef of national origin.

The attendants acquainted first hand all the features of this range of products, made only from chuck or bavette, the most apt pieces to obtain a great tasting juicy product. The discussions revolved also around quality certifications, DNA control of the basic product and the benefits of frozen products over fresh and refrigerated ones.

After the exposition, it was the turn for hamburger cooking. The attendants could notice the benefits of our freezing process, Individual Quick Frozen system, which prevents product from releasing water when cooked.

And the best was left for last: product tasting. Attendants could savour the different varieties within the range, judging each product. Happily they all received the approval from the guests, who seemed glad to find that level of quality in hamburgers, with less reduction when cooked, the neat appearance and the flavour.

Here´s a summary of the session in images:


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