At Eurofrits, Quality, Innovation and Safety in the manufacturing processes are the daily motto for the 150 professional workers. As a result, Eurofrits precooked plant achieved the dual certification in food safety standards: British Retail Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS) in March 2007.

Since 2020, as part of the company’s improvement plans, we joined the unannounced audit mode for both certifications, obtaining the highest levels in both cases to date: AA+ in BRC and Higher Level in IFS announced thanks to the involvement of the Eurofrits team (In 2021, for Covid-19 reasons, the audit was announced maintaining the levels we had but in announced mode).

Our commitment to constant improvement and concern for food safety have been credited by the granting of this dual certification that meets the highest standards required in Food Safety being recognized at National and International level mainly by the British, French and German markets.

Likewise, the effort and dedication of the whole staff is recognized internationally for offering effective answers to our partners and customer’s needs, which proves our orientation towards business excellence.

We were granted this double certification by SAI Global, a world leader in auditing and certifying Food Safety and Quality Systems.

Certificados Calidad BRC e IFS Eurofrits