Eurofrits Commercial, Marketing and R+D+i departments continuously work together in the search for new value-added products, so as to meet the growing demand of the market and provide the required solutions by the customers.

Innovation is one of Eurofrits main concern

As part of our strong customer-driven approach, we fully involve our clients in the development of new products and formats, in a flexible and efficient way, and always with the best customized service.

Eurofrits concern for Food Safety has committed itself not to use genetically modified organisms (GMO).

All the above is based on the latest technologies making use of both our internal organization and the collaboration of external agents (technologists, nutritionists and top-level chefs).

Food Quality and Safety Control is also essential for Eurofrits.

We work with constant standards which fulfil the highest requirements of the current market, being focused on strict quality control processes.


Eurofrits takes the responsibility of manufacturing safe and quality products and services, as the main purpose of our Quality Policy. We identify the customers’ requirements and expectations and fulfil them in order to achieve the maximum product safety and satisfaction.