Meatballs, our flagship product

It is unclear how its recipe originated, but as far back as Ancient Rome we can trace what we call meatballs. At that time it was very popular among the lower classes since it was a very tasty dish that allowed to make the most of the animal´s meat and, thanks to the centre of the bread added to it, the result was much more satiating. On present day, it is an essential recipe at any table, and a key product for Eurofrits.

According to certain documents, in the Andalusí Spain of the 12th and 13th centuries, meatballs were already found for sale at markets and the recipe wasn´t far off what we use today: fried with garlic, with sauce and seasoned with spices. Having said that, there are varieties of all kinds and sorts, depending on the country we look at. For instance, in Chile these are balls of ground meat with breadcrumbs, egg and parsley, boiled in a meat sauce, and later served hot with rice on the side. In China however they are made with pork and are generally steamed, boiled, or eaten raw, or with added soy sauce.

A variety of recipes with something in common: wide acceptance among every type of eater. It is for us indeed a very special product, given that our beef and pork meatballs have become a flagship product, helping hoist Eurofrits as the Horeca channel leader.

Our meatballs are produced in the Burgos factory following the strictest quality control. They are ready to fry without defrosting and to stew with the customer´s choice of sauce. Currently they are one of our most demanded products in the catering and restaurant channels.

Meatballs: a flagship product of our meat and beef specialties catalogue.


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