Retos internacionales Eurofrits

New international challenges ahead

In the year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our alliance with our industrial partner Aviko, at Eurofrits we have set the challenge of growing in the international markets. We currently export our products directly to over 20 countries, although through AViko we reach teh 5 continents. Our goal for 2017 is to consolidate in those countries and conquer new markets.

For some years now our objective is to export quality to every corner of the globe.

Our objective is to establish long and stable relationships with our suppliers, a key component of pour success in each market, to satisfy in the best possible way the specific needs of the end customers in each area. In fact, “each market is different, certain products work well in some countries and in others they don´t, but at Eurofrits we sustain a wide product variety and there´s always one that suits the particularities of each country“, asserts Manuel Gutiérrez-Cortines, Eurofrits Exports Director.

At the same time we are firm believers in developing commercial ties at European level with the main Distribution and Food Service Companies.

In the last few years we have managed a great growth at international level with the main players in QSR catering, mostly in Europe, but also outside of it. We have developed ad hoc products for high profiles customers such as Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, TGI Friday´s, Quick, among others, which has contributed to the company turning into a European bench mark.

On present day, our most important market is Europe, especially France. In the neighbour country we are present in both the Horeca and the Retail Channels, and we distribute to important restaurant chains and nation-wide supermarket and superstores. Aside from France, we are present in Holland, Germany, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, etc.

Across the Atlantic we export directly to countries like Cuba and Chile. Thanks to our partner Aviko we export to Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Guatemala, etc. AT the moment we have started to sell in Mexico, which is a great achievement given the barriers and tariffs for this type of product in that country.

In this international mission, certifications like BRC and IFS have particular weight, allowing easier access to markets as competitive as France, UK, the U.S. and, recently Japan. Also thanks to certifications like Kosher we have gained access to markets as Israel, where our sales have reached a significant volume in only three years, or Morocco, where the nº1 supermarket and superstores chain has some of our products on its shelves.

An international quest in which we invest a great effort, and a challenge we face with great optimism.

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