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Potato Consumption in Spain is going up

A prominent ingredient in traditional recipes and endorsed by many beneficial effects on our health, potatoes continue to be an essential item on our food basket. So much so that according to the latest household groceries panel, covering the period between April 2016 and March 2017, elaborated by the Fishing and Agriculture Ministry, Spanish household spending on potato has risen 8,4%. Eurofrits boasts a wide range of Potato Specialities.

Potato consumption has risen 0,5% between April 2016 and March 2017, with an average consumption of 30,19 kilos annually per person. According to the study, which analyses market evolution, consumption trends by household type and product category, as well as acquisition channel, Spanish households purchased a total of 1,326 million kilos of potatoes during the last twelve months.

Even though fresh potatoes is still the top pick for Spanish buyers, frozen potatoes manages yet to gain market share with an increase of 0,2% in consumption, which amounts to an average of 0,95 kilos per person per year and a value increase of 3,1%. At the same time, consumption of processed potato grows 1,1%, reaching an average of 1,35 kilos per person per year, an increase of 1,5% in terms of value.

Consumption is therefore on the rise, but not as much as it should if we take into account its beneficial value for the health. In Spain, the Ministry of Health, via the NAOS strategy, recommends an increase in cereal, potatoes and legumes in order to take up the base of our feeding habits, so that carbohydrates represent between 50% and 60% of the total intake of daily calories.

Eating potatoes is a healthy habit because it reduces the average consumption of total lipids under 35% of the total daily energy intake; increases the consumption of more complex carbohydrates to over 50% of the total daily energy intake; reduces the current 25% of consumption of simple sugars and increases the intake of fibre and minerals, in particular iron, potassium and magnesium. For all these reasons it´s considered positive to include it in a balanced and varied diet, cooking it in a healthy way while combining it with healthy food.

Our catalogue offers a wide range of potato specialties. Different cuts (disc-shaped, diced-cut, crinkle cut, steak house, bravas), and different varieties (Parisienne, wedged, etc) to please everybody´s palate. And that´s not all, new products such as the Turbo potatoes, ready in just 90 seconds, the Super-Crunch, extra crunchy of course, or the Sweet Potato, made with that root vegetable. Last but not least, our portfolio has several products with a potato base, such as Spanish Tortilla, Pure, Potato Balls or Potato Gratins.

Indeed it is a wide selection with a classic that never goes out of fashion.

More info available here on our POTATO SPECIALTIES.

More info on the Consumption Panel Survey HERE.

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