Calidad Eurofrits

Quality, quality, quality

Quality plays a vital role for Eurofrits. Not in vain we have our own department and dedicated team, made up by 14 highly qualified professionals with solid experience in the field. Their objective: to guarantee the continuous Quality of our products in order to achieve our customer´s full satisfaction.

In order to reach that goal we proceed with great care through all the stages of the production process, beginning with the choice of suppliers, with an exhaustive certification process to guarantee the highest quality of the prime matter.

All along the production process we verify that the agreed specifications for each of our clients are met, which make possible to achieve the quality level of our final products.

All our processes are in compliance with the Quality and Food Safety standards of the strictest certifications, achieving very high levels even on random inspections.

One of them is the norm called “British Retail Consortium (BRC)“, recognised as a worldwide standard for food safety. It is indeed a relevant seal of approval, currently used to assist any business (small retailers and processors) in the production of safe food and the selection of trustworthy suppliers.

Aside from that, our factory of pre-cooked food in Burgos holds the “International Food Standard (IFS)” certification with a superior level. This is a food safety norm recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and concerns food safety and quality of processed products.

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