I+D en Eurofrits

R&D&I: improved customer service

R&D&I. A simple sum that can make or break a company. Eurofrits considers research and development key elements to improve customer service, and also to ensure the firm´s survival and keep it ahead of the competition. For that reason we have our own R&D&I Department, which relies on 6 highly qualified professionals with a substantial background in research and new product development.

The focus of our R&D&I department is, without a doubt, on the search for excellence and the continuous improvement to satisfy our customer´s needs. We work permanently in order to find new products and formats or in a more suited adaptation to changes in flavour preferences, textures or cooking conditions that the market may require.

We work with a significant customer orientation, always providing answers in an agile and efficient manner and with the most personalised service. We supply the most demanding clients, both nationwide and at international level, providing new possibilities and innovations thanks to the teamwork in the Commercial, Business Development and R&D&I areas.

In order to achieve this, Eurofrits employs state of the art technology, relying on an expert professional team, both in-house and with the help of external partners of different sorts.

In sum, we put all the resources necessary at customer´s service, our reason to be.

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