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The cream of the sea crop, right at your table!

Fish is a key food in our diet. Regardless if fresh or frozen, it´s a dish that we simply can´t live without. Although it is a fading trend, lack of information and false myths can sometimes give the wrong image of frozen fish, conferring it a list of faults that have little ground on reality. Eurofrits has a wide catalogue of frozen sea products, a line treated with the latest freezing techniques to deliver it to the customer with the maximum guarantees in terms of Hygiene, safety and quality.

“Fresh” does not imply good quality, just like “frozen” does not imply a lower class product. If the freezing process is carried out correctly and the cold chain is respected throughout, frozen cod, for instance, has no disadvantages over the fresh one, given that it will retain its nutrients, flavour and texture.

Furthermore, frozen fish has other advantages, such as a reduced environmental impact and wastage. It also makes possible to eat fish out of season all year long, because at any point you may find all types of fish, which opens up the door to countless recipes and sustain a healthy and varied diet. On top of that, they can be enjoyed in a wide array of formats: filet, slice, finger, tails, etc., to please each consumer need or preference.

Eurofrits boasts over ten varieties made of fish. In our Fish Specialties catalogue, hake is at centre stage, in different formats: Portions, square-shaped Patties, Fingers, or in Funny Shapes with sea themes, intentionally created for younger children.

And there is also our Sea Specialties catalogue, in which one can find cuttlefish based product such as Squid Rings or Extruded Squid Rings, the tasty Cod Fritters, or Tuna Pies, with a mini version especially conceived for kids.

It is therefore a wide product range of a product as essential in our diet as fish is.

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