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The key role of traceability

We may well explain food product traceability as the product´s DNA, the information that allows us to reconstruct the itinerary a product followed from its harvest, manufacture, storage and distribution until it reaches the final consumer. Crucial information that, in case an unexpected event arises, helps point out immediately in which phase the error has occurred and therefore act accordingly. Conscious of its importance, Eurofrits takes particular care in traceability and food safety in the whole process of product manufacture.

Traceability is a term used to describe the ability to reconstruct all the circumstances involved in the manufacturing process with the assistance of a numeric batch code: prime matter used, supplier, quality results of the prime matter, manufacturing process parameters, quality control results of the finished product, shipping dates, destination client.

In sum, a system of traceability makes possible for us to know where and how has a product been manufactured. The batch number is mandatory information in the label, and it has paramount importance given that if any incidence came up, companies would be able to trace all the necessary information to block the product safely, quickly and effectively, and even pull a product out of the market if it came to that.

Aside from the advantages for the brand reputation, as food manufacturers we have the legal obligation to fulfil very demanding traceability requirements in order to abide international food safety regulation. Traceability is a basic prerequisite for all the companies inside their HACCP control system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

In our factory in Burgos traceability begins in the prime ingredients room. Meats, different ingredients to create the coatings, all the materials that arrive at our facilities come labelled with precision and afterwards, during the entire production process it is possible to follow each ingredient right to its final destination: the consumer.

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