Catering still on the rise

Continuing on 2016´s trend, the year now ending will also be very positive for the catering sector in our country. According to the study “Next order” by the respected Nielsen research institute, restaurant catering can be expected to grow 4% in 2017, pushed in particular by daytime consumption. The Spanish tradition of out of home eating or snacking (tapeo), plus the flourishing after-work, are pushing upwards a sector in which Eurofrits has one of the main expansion channels.

According to this research, the increase is justified especially by the evolution of the first semester and in particular the daytime consumption, which grew 6% up until June. These figures are consistent with the business creation, with outlets coming close to 255,000 all over the country, most of them traditional bars and restaurants. However, the highest growth comes from organised retail chains, which have grown 13% since June and jointly amount to 8,000 outlets today.

The report sums up key aspects that sector businesses must take into account to lure consumers: product has paramount importance, and its quality is seen as decisive for 27%, while the attention and the outlet itself are decisive for 22% and 20% respectively, and the price is key for 23%. Nevertheless, according to the study, Spaniards always look for the quality and price balance, so if the experience seems worth it, the price will be perceived as justified.

Eurofrits has a wide range of products to cater for the restaurant channel. Currently we distribute different products to traditional restaurants as well as the main restaurant chains in the country, in both the potato family and the pre-cooked, with a la carte solutions completely adapted to every client need.

With this channel precisely in my mind we have recently renewed our Typical Tapas range, with a total of 15 specialties that have a very wide acceptance among our clients, with some recipes based on cheese or chicken, among others.

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