Chicken Specialties, delights to please every palate

Eurofrits boasts a range of specialties in potato, poultry, fish, beef… Over 60 products, always with the highest quality, make up a wide portfolio that has been growing steadily for the last 30 years, always with the intent of fulfilling customer needs. Today we take a look at Chicken Specialties, a sure favourite for the general public, or for the younger ones in particular.

Within the Poultry Specialties, chicken is undoubtedly at centre stage thanks to the following range: Chicken Bites, Chicken Breast, Chicken Hamburgers or Chicken Balls. But more than those, the leading role is surely kept for the Nuggets, made from chicken breast and covered in spicy and crispy breadcrumbs, all the rage for kids.

Chicken plays also a leading role in another set of specialities: Typical Tapas, a range made up by all sorts of products that find their space as an aperitif, or a dinner picking at different dishes, or munching between meals. The Marinated Chicken Fingers, made out of pieces of marinated chicken sirloin finished with breadcrumbs in home style, plus the Chicken Wings, boiled and marinated with a slightly spicy mix, complete our selection of Chicken Specialties that could be labelled as crowd pleasers for both adults and children.

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