Croquettes congeladas Eurofrits

Croquettes… Bon appétit!

Croquettes have become sort of an essential bite at any occasion, whether as a delicious appetizer or as the main dish at lunch or dinner. There´s no denying, we are talking about a small and crunchy bite developed in France using a mix of bechamel and finely chopped ingredients, achieving the result we all know and few can resist. Eurofrits boasts a wide array of frozen croquettes of excellent quality, ready to fry, serve and enjoy.

The origin of this succulent recipe goes back to 19th century France, at King Louis XIV court. The first reference we have of croquettes as we know them today is dates back to 1817, coming out the hands of Antonin Carême, a French chef who decided to surprise the Regent Prince of England and the Archduke of Russia with a dish of bechamel covered by a thick and crispy layer he came to call croquettes à la royale. From that moment onwards croquettes were considered an exquisite delicacy reserved to nobility.

They quickly spread to Spain, and then propagated worldwide. In present day, virtually every cuisine has adopted a croquette of some sort. For example, in Japanese cuisine they are called Korokke, while the Dutch call them kroket, and in Germany and Belgium potato croquettes are very popular. They can be made also without bechamel, using other dough such as boiled potato, sweet potato or rice.

Eurofrits has a wide range of frozen croquettes ready to fry and serve, without defrosting. Our catalogue offers chicken, cod or jamón croquettes, aside from Our Recipes made purposely to achieve a very crispy finish. On top of that, you may find Jamón Mini Croquettes, ideal for the younger ones.

Altogether you may find quite a choice for your table. So go ahead, do as the fathers of the croquette and serve them just like they would: bon appétit!

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