Eurofrits across the world

Eurofrits across the world

Eurofrits is committed in a process of growth of international markets. Years ago we set as our objective to export the quality of our products to the faraway corners of the world. In this commitment, the BRC and IFS certifications play an important role, which facilitate the entrance in markets as competitive as France, United Kingdom, United States, and recently Japan. Today, with the assistance of our industrial partner, Aviko, our brand is present in over 20 countries, in five continents.

Currently our most important market is France, mostly in the food services channel. In fact some of our products are already featured in some of the menus of large food chains. Additionally, we have a strong presence in French retail, namely supermarkets and superstores nationwide.

Aside from France, in Europe we have presence in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, etc. In this regard we have become suppliers of QSR for chains as prestigious as McDonald´s in Germany or Burger King in Italy, Poland, Portugal or Malta (besides Spain).

We have also managed to break into markets as complicated as Israel, where only three years ago we started to export products with the Kosher certification in small amounts, and now we notch up significant sales. There is no doubt, our ability to manufacture products with the Kosher certification, along with an alliance with a supplier committed with Eurofrits, have facilitated this leap in sales in such a complex market.

Another novelty for us has been the Moroccan market. For some years now, our products have found their way in the largest food superstore, which distributes some of our fish specialities and hopefully will widen the product range during 2016. In food services, we are developing a product with Halal certification that should facilitate a favourable evolution in sales.

At the other side of the Atlantic, you will find our products in places such as Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Chile and Panama, among others. We have recently noticed an upturn in the Cuban market, which came to a halt in 2010 but seems to be in upswing year after year. Another complicated market in Latin America in which we have attained to introduce our products is Venezuela, where a year ago we have started to ship the first references in.

In sum, Eurofrits believes in and permanently commits to foreign markets. We are prepared for new challenges that will come fro far and away, but we are delighted and thrill by this prospect.

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