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We have a solid commitment with Sustainability and the Environment. For that reason we take part in the LIFE+WOGAnMBR Project, with which we manage to optimise the treatment of oils and grease in water and notably reducing wastage generation. Last October 20th we presented this project in the Alibetopías Talks 2016, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Other participants in the project alongside Eurofrits are companies like PepsiCo, food& beverage firm, Cetaqua, Burgos University (Water Technology Centre) And FIAB (Food and Drinks Spanish Industry Federation). Eurofrits role is to develop a prototype for the treatment and appreciation of complex residual waters of food factories.

Based on AnMBR technology, the project consists on treatment and appreciation of residual water with a high content of oils and greases. The membrane anaerobic bioreactors not only provide the opportunity to obtain high quality water from waste, but also help to reduce the consumption of reactive and the sludge production that come with other conventional processes. In addition, they generate a renewable fuel that contributes to lesser emissions of greenhouse effect gases from the food industry.

During the Alibetopías Talks 2016, Eurofrits, along with its partners, explained the project in detail and also the progress made up to this day, aside from the next steps ahead.


Photo 1. Installation and construction of the prototype in our facilities, next to the residual water treatment plant.


The results of the Project were also explained with practical examples. According to the analysis carried out, the treatment had an efficiency of 95%, with a significant decrease in the levels of organic matter in discharged water.


Photo 2. Levels of organic matter in residual water.


Another example of Eurofrits commitment towards Innovation, Research and Development and Sustainability. A commitment towards the Environment.

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