Eurofrits presents Steamfresh, an innovative line of potatoes cooked on steam

Food service is an ever-changing market in which new needs arise all the time. Eurofrits-Aviko makes a continuous effort to stay abreast of these, and for that reason we invest constantly in our production processes in order to improve the current products and develop new ones. We have recently launched Steamfresh, an innovative line of steam-cooked products with plenty of advantages.

From our wide portfolio of potato varieties, made up by over a hundred products, we have included a new line of steam-cooked products. The range Steamfresh includes 9 new varieties, which come in different formats and sizes for different uses. Potatoes with irregular cuts (for preparing omelettes, patatas bravas, and side dish potatoes), Parisienne potatoes in different sizes, sliced, diced, jacket wedges and patatas bravas.

The products within this range offer numerous advantages: no need to be washed bedorehand, thanks to the steam cook process, they are fat-free and their preparation is much quicker and easier than other products. On top of that, they provide a 30% extra vitamin C and 20% extra vitamin B1 than other potatoes.

And what´s more crucial: 100% natural potato flavour.

Find out more on Potato Specialties.

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