Eurofrits specialties just right for kids

Our main objective is to offer customers the best service with a wide catalogue of products apt for each and every need. In order to do that, Eurofrits sales force and the R&D&I department have teamed up and developed new specialties demanded by the market, always attempting to deliver the best possible quality. In the last few years our portfolio has gained special relevance. Here´s an overview.

Any of our catalogues include some products particularly suited to children, elaborated intentionally to appeal to kids but with the nutritional value that make up a healthy and balanced diet.

It is usually harder for kids to eat fish than any other family of food. Eurofrits carries several dedicated products in the Sea Specialties: hake funny shapes resembling seahorses, starfish, dolphins and fish), tuna mini-pies filled with a tasty tomato fried mixture of tomato, onion, egg, pepper and tuna, or the classic Jumbo squid rings, very popular among kids.

In our Poultry Specialties catalogue the star products among younger eaters are the Chicken Nuggets, or the Turkey Cordon Bleu, with turkey and chicken meat, ham cooked turkey and cheese, with a half-moon shape coated in golden crispy breadcrumbs.

As part of the Meat Specialties, we may highlight the Mini-Hamburgers, made with Spanish beef meat, the traditional Meatballs, made also of Spanish beef meat, or the San Jacobo, made of cold pork lean meat, coated in golden breadcrumbs.

Aside from numerous products in our wide catalogue of Potato Specialties, our wide range for children is boosted by some of our Typical Tapas: Chicken Wings, Marinated Chicken Fingers or the super-fun Chicken Pops, covered in crunchy potato flakes, and the Chicken Fingers, delicious tender chicken breast, finger shaped, covered in crispy fried breadcrumbs. There´s also place for cheese in this Typical Tapas catalogue, with the widely appealing Mozzarella Fingers, covered with golden crispy breadcrumbs.

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