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Food solutions: new solutions for new needs

We started summer 2020 with the idea of a ‘New ordinary life’ and we lived the new situation by trying to cope with new challenges in the best possible way. This new situation implied new needs in every field. At Eurofrits, our devotion to meet customers’ needs led us to create Food Solutions, a new range including a selection of quality products with smaller and handy sizes specifically designed for the HO.RE.CA. sector.

Restrictions on capacity, the fear of a new Covid-19 outbreak, the economic scenario… these are some of the factors influencing consumption and having an impact both on small business activities and on hotels that need to carefully tailor their purchase forecasts to avoid waste.

Food Solutions was created in this peculiar context thanks to the selection of some products from our catalogue according to the market’s demand and different Specialties such as Beef, Chicken, Typical Tapas and Caterfrits. High-quality products, easy to prepare and packed in the convenient sizes of 500 g and 1 kg.

Meat-based Specialties also include Burgers (normal size and mini size, suitable for children), Meatballs and Cordon Blue.

Chicken-based Specialties also include our flagship products: Chickenballs and Nuggets.

The Typical Tapas, our most famous Specialties are included in the new Food Solutions range as Mozzarella Fingers and Marinated Chicken. Two recipes easy to prepare and perfect as appetizers before lunch or dinner, aperitif-dinner or savoury snack.

Our comprehensive range is aimed at meeting our customers’ new needs, at offering a solution for their new business inside the scenario of the ‘New Ordinary Life’ we are currently experiencing.

Download the catalogue HERE.

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