los congelados se reinventan

Frozen food reinvents itself

Long gone is the belief that frozen products are “worse than fresh products”. In present day, thanks to innovations in the product manufacture and the better preservation of its nutritional properties, frozen products are on the rise and its consumption continues to grow every year. Eurofrits works on a daily basis towards our goal of offering great quality products that will meet the new consumer needs.

According to the Kantar Worldpanel research institute, young households have contributed to a large extent to the increase in frozen food consumption. In fact, in a new study by Acosta we find that 43% of U.S. millennial buyers declare they have purchased more frozen food this year than the previous one, lured by the convenience and the healthy aspects of frozen food and its ease of preparation. In fact, the frozen sector is starting to target foodies, who value more their time, but enjoy cooking and appreciate good food.

According to this consulting group, 49% of surveyed housewives believe that frozen products are as good as fresh ones, a proportion on the rise given that on one hand customers are better informed and are aware that food can remain just as nutritious frozen or fresh, and on another, brands are progressively offering healthier products, with greater quality and higher nutritional value.

Aside from this, according to the study there has been a tremendous explosion of new frozen products in the gourmet category, such as dishes prepared with high quality ingredients or sophisticated recipes from every corner of the world. In this regard, Eurofrits created ChefBurger, our range of Premium Hamburgers, with the aim of satisfying the needs of this demanding public in search of quality frozen products.

The latest addition to the range was the Ibérica Burger, made from the coveted Iberian Pork meat, a juicier variety, with exceptional nutritional value and an intense flavour. This new variety joins the rest of the ChefBurger family: The XXL, made from beef and a weight of 225 g each unit, Beef Burger, made of soft beef, 4-Cheese Burger, beef mixed with four cheeses, and Tasty Burger, made from juicy beef and a touch of bacon.

Our goal is to offer the best customer service, that´s why Eurofrits widens frequently its catalogue with new products. Our Sales, Marketing, R&D&I and Quality departments work jointly to spot new needs in the market and develop new products.


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