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Frozen nuggets push the meat sector

The meat sector continues to grow and grow. According to the report “The value of meat products”, carried out by the prestigious Nielsen research institute and presented in the latest edition of the AECOC Congress on Meat Products, the market grew 3,9% last year, and reached sales of €14 billion. Frozen nuggets have definitely given the sector a considerable push, with a growth rate above 10%.

According to Nielsen, there´s a total of 14 products, among which are the aforementioned frozen nuggets, that contributed two in every ten euros of total growth in the category, despite representing only 9% of total sales of meat products. Iberian pork tenderloin (lomo), bratwurst sausage or the very convenient frozen products are among those that have weighed more heavily to the sector growth.

Eurofrits is conscious of how successful this product is with consumers, and for that reason Chicken nuggets can be found in our catalogue. It´s a pre-fried product made of chicken breast meat and coated in a spicy golden batter.

Nuggets are just one of our Poultry Specialties, which include also other tasty products such as chicken and Pork Balls, Chicken Bites, or Turkey Cordon Bleu, made from turkey and chicken meat, coated in crispy breadcrumbs, ideal for the younger ones.

Besides these, a wide range of beef and pork products may be found in our Meat Specialties, with different burger types (Burger Supreme, the beef and pork burgers, and mini burgers), the much sought-after Meat Balls or the Beef Nuggets, among others.

One of our high-end brands is precisely meat based: the range ChefBurger, with a wide array of frozen burgers for the most exigent palates.

It is therefore a complete catalogue of meat-based references, a foreseeable circumstance given that meat is an increasingly relevant product in the market.

For more information on the study “The value of meat products” by Nielsen, click HERE.







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