Resultados industria alimentaria y de bebidas

Good times for the food industry

These are indeed good times for the food industry: the sector surpasses turnover levels prior to the current crisis, reaching records in production, employment and exports. It´s been announced in the sector Annual Economic Report for 2016, presented by the Spanish Federation of Food & Beverages Industries (FIAB). It´s great news for the sector and for Eurofrits, one of the main frozen food manufacturers in our country.

According to the report, the Food & Beverage Industry exceeded 96,4M€ in 2016, a nominal increase rate of 1,3%. In real terms, the adjusted rate is a growth of 1,8%, a figure that confirms the sector recovery, reaching production levels prior to the crisis.

This growth is also reflected in occupation figures, which have increased up to a total of almost half a million workers employed. A record increase in number of affiliates of 3,4%, which gives the food and beverages industry the status of an strategic and stable sector in job creation, ahead of the average for manufacturing industry and the whole national economy, both going strong at 3%.

In terms of occupation, the food & beverage last year has totalled more than 9,500 new positions, close to half a million direct jobs (480,000). In this context, female employment represents 37% of the workforce, 12 points higher than the rest of the manufacturing industry. We must also point out that the industry continues to employ young talent and promotes posts for under-30s, currently standing at 14%, higher than the rest of the economy.

The food and beverages industry also stands out in terms of exports. The sector has come back to previous figures, adding up a total of over 27.5 billion euros. What this implies is a phenomenal annual growth of 8,4%, thus becoming as an ambassador of the Brand Spain abroad.

As one of the main frozen food manufacturing companies nationwide, Eurofrits feels entitled to a share of this success and proud to belong to what has become today the first industrial sector in Spain, and a key force for the economy which, we´re convinced, will continue to grow at a good pace in the years to come.

More information on the FIAB report, click HERE.

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