Innovation, the market´s engine

Innovation causes a market expansion and a GDP and employment in the sector growth. This is one of the key conclusions of a recent study prepared by the prestigious consulting group KPMG, which highlights that the arrival of a new product does not only increase its sales, but pushes the rest of the category upwards. No doubt, investing in Innovation equals investing in progress.

According to the report “Economic impact of innovation in the FMCG sector”, published by KPMG and presented in Madrid by PROMARCA, “the development of innovative products across categories propels sales volume and impacts the sector size”.

Ignacio Larracoechea, Promarca´s president, pointed out that “the study makes clear that innovation is key for employment and GDP growth in the number one industrial sector in Spain and produces a ripple effect on the economy as a whole.

Aware of its vital importance, at Eurofrits-Aviko we have turned Innovation into one of our cornerstones. According to Jorge Alfonso, R&D&I manager for Eurofrits-Aviko, the main objective of the R&D&I department is to listen to our customers. They demand more and more tailor-made products, and for that reason at Eurofrits-Aviko we work hard to adapt to the market needs.

As a result of this Innovation, just over a year ago the ChefBurger Premium Hamburgers range was born. “In this instance, our objective was to strengthen our position as a product manufacturer and launch a Premium product, high added value burgers that could compete one on one with refrigerated burgers.

It was an intense process that started with recruiting maximum quality suppliers, properly certified, and with domestic origin product. “We were aiming to obtain a very juicy and intense flavour for the new hamburger range and for that reason we made tests with different sorts of meats in our pursuit. We eventually found that chuck and plate were the best-suited cuts. The process was completed with the INDIVIDUAL QUICK FROZEN, which guarantees the maximum quality in frozen products”.

ChefBurger has been our latest child in terms of innovation, although we continue to work in new product launches. Very soon you will have fresh news.

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