IQF: A 5-star freezing system

The freezing process is vital in order to guarantee the maximum quality of our products. For this reason Eurofrits relies on the IQF System (INDIVIDUAL QUICK FROZEN), a procedure to ensure that the product, once defrosted, preserves its texture, nutrititive value and the flavour of fresh produce.

But what does it mean? What’s it about? What are the advantages?

What is IQF?

IQF or Individual Quick Frozen is a process to freeze quickly and individually. This allows the ice glasses formed inside the tissue to freeze up in very small particles. In turn, this prevents the cellular walls that form the tissue from breaking down and when defrosting eventually takes place, there is no cellular fluid spillage, which guarantee the original product features.

The substantial difference between IQF freezing and slow freezing is the size of the glasses formed. With the latter the glasses are large enough to tear down the cellular walls, allowing a spillage of internal fluids, therefore damaging the texture, flavour, and nutritive value.

What are its advantages?

Thanks to the sudden temperature leap of the IQF system, the microorganisms are minimized, achieving the highest hygienic quality. Besides, once they are frozen, the products may keep in perfect state of microbiological quality and food health guarantee for a whole shelf life of 18 months.

Another advantage of this procedure is that it allows the buyer to select only the individual product units required for the servings, reducing wastage and improving the management of your purchasing-sales and menus.

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