It´s time for Food Trucks

As you know, a few months back we jumped onto the food truck frenzy and headed for the road to showcase our range of Premium Hamburgers up and down the country. It seems like this summer the food trucks will continue to be all the rage so don´t dismiss them just yet…

Food trucks, very popular in countries like the United States, are noteworthy vehicles that bring food closer to places where you normally wouldn´t find a kitchen, while sustaining a quality level similar to a traditional restaurant, and at popular prices.

The offer usually covers hamburgers, sandwiches, sweets and waffles, or even traditional food in other countries. Normally the variety is quite limited, given that the space for preparation and stock is very limited, so the menu tends to be covered at a glance.

Legislation in Spain does not allow these vehicles to operate anywhere freely, like it does in the U.S, for instance. For the time being it can only function in certain venues. It is for that reason that urban eating events have sprung out, gathering a whole bunch of food trucks and often with a theme around them to offer an alternative to retail restaurants.

During the summer months there are plenty of these festivals or events, which tend to come with non-mainstream food markets or other incentives to make it more than just innovative eating out, but instead a full and fun visit with other pastimes.

This “vintage cooking”, so to speak, is putting a real spin on the world of cooking. Eurofrits joined this revolution a few months back with our “ChefBurger on wheels”, featured at events such as the 1st Basque Festival, first edition of a Street Food Festival in Irún (Guipúzcoa), or the Food Truck gathering at Parquesur (in Leganés, South of Madrid) or the Madrid Golf Experience 2016. And this is just the beginning.


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