“Pom Plus”. Extra quality for the refrigerated Eurofrits-Aviko products

Even though Eurofrits stands out as a leading manufacturer of deep-frozen foods, our wide portfolio includes another specialities. Today we would like to highlight the refrigerated fried potatoes Aviko “Pom Plus”, high quality with added advantages.

Refrigerated fries are products that furnish an unmatched natural flavour, aside from their appealing and suggestive aspect.

Another key advantage is the reducing frying time, around 10% to 20% quicker. On top of that, the refrigerated fries may yield two or three extra rations, thanks to its low water content. And last but not least, there is an energy saving above 50%, given that oil temperature is recovered much faster.

It should also be pointed out that they absorb 25% less fat, which makes them healthier.

Refrigerated chips are made of a variety of “yellow flesh”, very appreciated amongst experts and connoisseurs. This speciality is available in different cuts: 10 mm (traditional cut), 7 mm (julienne), home cut 10×20 mm “steakhouse, and home-made artisan with “rustic” skin, a hugely successful product thanks to a unique flavour and complete home kitchen bearing.

Our mouth is watering at this point… isn´t yours?

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