Potato gratins: small bites with a ton of flavour

Undoubtedly, potato plays a big role in our range. Our brand Aviko bring together a wide range of potato specialties with different cuts, such as wedges chips, disc-shaped, diced-cut, etc, or pre-cooked products such as Spanish tortilla, potato balls, croquettes, purees, among others… Today we take a look at Potato Gratins, small delicacies with an attractive presentation and a exquisite flavour.

The secret to our Potato Gratins is in the combination of the best ingredients: slices of steamed cooked potatoes with a delicious sauce that keeps all the flavour of the original potato. They are topped with high quality ingredients that give flavour to each variety, and those varieties cover every palate.

Our rage of Potato Gratins includes the following lines: Cheese & Cream, gratin with Emmental cheese and a strong flavour, Italian, with a delicate combination of tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, Broccoli, prepared with fresh broccoli and Mushrooms, a special gratin made with boletus edulis.

All these varieties have in common a traditional manufacturing process that keeps its original shape after its regeneration, offering a crispy and golden product ideal to serve as an entree or a side dish for the main course.

Small bites with a ton of flavour.

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