“Potato Universe” at Eurofrits-Aviko

One of the most sought after products in our catalogue is, without a doubt, potato. Among our specialties of fried potatoes you may find different cuts, such as wedges chips, disc-shaped, diced-cut, etc, or pre-cooked products such as Spanish omelette, potato balls, croquettes, pures or roasted.

Among these varieties we may highlight our specialty “Super Crunch Fries”, with which we intended to act on the growing demand for chips a qualitative notch above the rest. Thanks to an special coating, that keeps the heat inside the chips for longer, the “Super Crunch Fries” remain hot and crispy after 15 minutes.

For both available cuts (9,5 and Julienne), the Super Crunch variety has a longer lasting taste, provides 20% oil consumption savings, and 50% longer service time in perfect condition.

Special mention deserve our “Spicy Jacket Wedges Chips”, an increasingly more common feature in restaurant menus as an alternative to traditional chips, or our “Sweet Potatoes”, bringing that American twist that only sweet potatoes can, and the “Turbo Fries”, the record-breaking chips that allow to serve a crunchy plate of golden chips in a mere 90 seconds.

So, there is a complete “Potato Universe” for every palate and every need.

More info available here on our POTATO SPECIALTIES.


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