Poultry specialties, ideal for kids

Poultry, potato, fish, meat… Our catalogue is divided into Specialties that have grown along our 20-year history with the aim of giving our customers the best service possible. Today we take a closer look at one of them: Poultry Specialties, which encompasses 7 products in total and enjoy great acceptance among the public, children in particular.

Chicken is the main attraction in this catalogue, given that is the main ingredient found in nuggets, burgers, meatballs and bites, among others. As one expects, the best seller are Nuggets, elaborated with chicken breast and coated with a crispy spicy batter, hugely successful among the younger crowd.

Next in importance n this catalogue are Chicken Bites, a semi cylindrical-shaped product covered with crispy breadcrumbs, and Chicken Breast, a prefried product made with chicken breast and coated also with crispy breadcrumbs.

Then we have chicken and pork mixed products, such as the Chicken Hamburgers, which come in different formats (85 g, 55 g and 110 g) and Chicken Meatballs.

Aside from chicken, there is also turkey in this catalogue of Poultry Specialties. The Turkey Cordon Bleu, made of chicken and turkey meat, ham cooked turkey and cheese, coated in golden crispy breadcrumbs and with a half-moon shape. Another hit amongst most demanding public: kids.

Poultry specialties have room also in another one of our catalogues: Typical Tapas, in products such as Marinated Chicken Fingers, made of chicken sirloin coated in homemade style, Chicken Wings, boiled, marinated in a light spiced sauce, or Chicken Fingers, delicious finger shaped chicken breast covered in crispy fried breadcrumbs.

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