El Gran Consumo bate records

Record figures for Retail

The forecasts were pointing in the right direction: Retail market grew in Spain 2,7% in 2016, marking the best result in the last 8 years. According to the latest “Nielsen 360”, the sector reached €73 billion, thanks mostly to the increase in the Consumer Confidence Index. Of the different categories featured in the report, frozen food was one of last year´s winners, with a 3,2% increase in sales.

According to the prestigious panellist Nielsen, Spaniards put 2% more goods in their shopping basket, despite that its cost has risen 0,7% compared to the previous year. There has also been an increase in the Consumer Confidence Index, which has grown 12 points in 2016.

As for basket categories, frozen food was the fastest growing last year, with a 3,2% increase in sales, thanks in part to the slight price decrease witnessed in that period (-0,4%).

As a matter of fact, one of the keys of last year´s exercise was a certain shift from fresh fish to frozen fish. The price increase of sea produce (a staggering 5,4%) made consumers reduce the consumption of fresh fish in favour of a product just as healthy as fish and encourage them to look for more affordable alternatives.

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The retail sector had two other big winners coming out of last year: fruit and vegetables. Tha former grew 8,6%; while the second improved its sales 4,5%. Most notably, they both rose in price around 2-2,5%, so despite them becoming more expensive, consumers did not wipe them of their ever healthier shopping cart.

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