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Smile and say “freeze”

In the last few years the popular belief that fresh products are better and healthier has gradually lost support. The continuous honing of freezing techniques allows to deliver all kind of frozen products to the consumer with the maximum guarantees of hygiene, safety and quality, which has in turn brought a 2% growth in the sector the last year. Eurofrits uses the latest freezing techniques to keep intact food properties and at the same time offer other advantages.

The freezing process preserves food nutritional value, stops the degradation natural process and prevents the growth of several pathogenic microorganisms. But there are other advantages. Here are some:

– If the freezing process has been undertaken properly, frozen food keeps the same nutritive value as fresh food.

– If the cold chain is maintained, when frozen products are defrosted they keep all the qualities fresh ones do in regard to appearance, flavour, texture, etc.

– Frozen products are available at all times, eliminating certain items seasonality and facilitating a varied and balanced diet all year around.

– Frozen food brings convenience to consumers, since they are easily stored and come ready to cook or heat and go, with no need to wash or clean.

– The use of frozen product helps reduce the volume of food wastage. According to the study The potential of food preservation to reduce food waste, published by the Food Innovation Centre at Sheffield Hallam University (UK), the percentage is reduced up to 47% per household in comparison to those relying on fresh produce.

Eurofrits has incorporated the latest freezing techniques in order to offer all these advantages for our products and increase the quality of each product in our catalogue. It is for that reason

The freezing process is vital in order to guarantee the maximum quality of our products. For this reason we rely on the IQF System (INDIVIDUAL QUICK FROZEN), a procedure to ensure that the product, once defrosted, preserves its texture, nutritive value and the flavour of fresh produce.

It is a process to freeze quickly and individually, allowing the ice glasses formed inside the tissue to freeze up in very small particles. In turn, this prevents the cellular walls that form the tissue from breaking down and when defrosting eventually takes place, there is no cellular fluid spillage, which guarantee the original product features.

Thanks to the sudden temperature leap of the IQF system, the microorganisms are minimized, achieving the highest hygienic quality. Besides, once they are frozen, the products may keep in perfect state of microbiological quality and food health guarantee for a whole shelf life of 18 months.

For all these reasons, if someone asks about food preservation, smile and say “freeze”.

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