Sound perspectives for the fast food sector

There are sound perspectives for the fast food sector in Spain. According to a recent report by EAE Business School, turnover in Spain for the year 2014 amounted to 1,980 million euros, a 6% rise on 2013. This growth will remain, it seems. In fact, a 50% increase is expected in the next five years, to reach a total of 2,942 million euros.

According to the study “Fast food expenditure in 2015”, the largest fast food consumption by region was registered in Cataluña (€363m), followed by Andalucía (€351m) and Madrid (€319m). On the other end we find as regions at the bottom of the table La Rioja (€8m), Navarra (€22m) and Extremadura (€22m).

Regarding consumer average spending in fast food retailers, the Balearic Islands come atop with 98€, followed by the Canary Islands, €61 and Madrid with €50 average per head. The lowest average spending corresponds with inhabitants of Extremadura, with an average €21, La Rioja and Valencia with €25 and Aragon with €29, well below the national average.

According to the study by the EAE Business School, Spain is one of the countries with the fastest growth rate perspective ahead, along Brasil and China.

It is indeed a key sector for Eurofrits, given that our company distributes products to many fast food chains in our country. We will continue to do our best to maintain the highest quality for this booming sector.

To read the full report, click here.

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