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Spaniards prefer beef

Three out of four consumers have a favourable opinion about beef meat and 86,4% eat it at least once a week. These are some of the conclusions arising from the “Market survey on the image and consumer habits regarding beef meat”, presented recently by PROVACUNO, the Interprofessional Spanish Beef Association. What Spaniards value the most is its flavour and the nutritional value, which make it necessary for one´s health. A type of meat that boasts many advantages and holds a strong presence in our catalogue.

According to the survey, carried out by the prestigious institute SIGMADOS for PROVACUNO, the end consumer has a positive opinion of beef meat (74,6%), highlighting among its qualities the flavour (89,4%), the quality protein intake (89,2%) and its nutritional value (89%). The majority of Spaniards believes that Spanish beef is superior to that from other countries, a difference attributed mainly to the cattle´s food. And this is precisely the aspect most of them point out as key in the meat quality.

86,4% of all respondents consume it to a certain extent, and 40,6% do it on a general basis. In sum, the survey sheds light on what Spaniards consider their favourite meat (31%), as well as the need to improve how information cascades down to buyers regarding different aspects (maturation, types of meat, tracking, temperature before cooking) which are relevant at the time of purchase and reparation.

This type of meat is well represented in our catalogue. Four out of 5 specialities in our ChefBurger premium burgers range are prepared with beef: The XXL Burger, Tasty Burger, Beef Burger and 4-Cheese Burger. Furthermore, Eurofrits is keen on national product quality, much appreciated by consumers, for the production of ChefBurger, made exclusively from 100% National Origin beef meat.

beef Eurofrits

In regard to Beef and Pork Specialities we have Breaded Nuggets, Meatballs and a few burgers, with a special mention going to the Burger Supreme, an XL size meat burger (190 g) made from a selection of our national beef and pork.

A wide offer of products made from the Spaniards favourite type of meat.

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