Super Crunch, champion among fries

Twice as crunchy fries, with a longer-lasting flavour and significant oil consumption saving. These are just a few of the features that postulate the new “Super Crunch”, a frozen product by Aviko, as a champion among fries.

As part of Aviko´s wide catalogue, the new Super Crunch has been conceived to meet the increasing demand in French fries with an exceptional qualitative plus and many advantages:

  • Super Crunch fries are twice as crunchy (in comparison to conventional frozen fries by Aviko).
  • These new fries keep warm and crunchy after 15 minutes, thanks to a special coating that preserves the heat longer inside the potato.
  • Wastage is reduced, because of its special features, once prepared they keep all their properties longer and may add up to 5 more minutes of selling.
  • Super Crunch fries provide approximately 20% saving of oil consumption.
  • Aside from being prepared in a fryer, Super Crunch fries may be cooked in the oven, reducing their fat content around 20%. The outcome is a more healthy option with a result just as crunchy and tasty.

The new Super Crunch comes in two different cuts: 9,5mm and Julienne.

This product comes to widen Aviko´s ample catalogue of Eurofrits-Aviko potato specialties, which encompasses a variety of fries and cuts, such as wedges chips, disc-shaped, diced-cut, etc, or pre-cooked products such as Spanish omelettes, potato balls, croquettes, purées or gratins.

According to Ramón García, Key Account Manager for Aviko Spain, the company strategy revolves around “creating new references that might set us apart from the competition. In each country we analyse the market needs and always try to offer the best product in the best possible conditions”.

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