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The “burger family” grows on

We start the new course with the launch of to new products joining our burger range. On one hand, our family ChefBurger grows with the Ibérica Burger, made of high quality Iberian pork meat, while the Burger range adds one variety with the Burger Supreme, XL size.

Our objective is to offer the best customer service, which is why Eurofrits is continuously enlarging its catalogue with new products. Different departments such as Sales, Marketing, R&D&I and Quality, work together in order to detect new market needs and develop new products. As a result, in the next few weeks we plan to launch a variety of new products of different ranges.

Today we are proud to present two new burgers. There is the Burger Supreme, the missing piece to make our burger range complete. There were the Burger 85/110 g and the Mini Burger, but now there is a burger meat XL size (190 g) made from a selection of beef and pork national meats.

Secondly, we widen the ChefBurger range with Ibérica Burger, made from the coveted Iberian pork meat, the native race from the Iberian Peninsula. Extra juicy meat, with exceptional nutritional value and an intense flavour.

The new Ibérica Burger joins the other items of our most premium range: The XXL Burger, elaborated from beef meat and with a weight of 225 g per unit, Beef Burger, with mild beef meat and 150 g per unit, 4-Cheese Burger, beef meat with a four cheeses mix, and Tasty Burger, made from beef meat with a touch of bacon.

Very soon we will introduce new products that you may know first hand in the next edition of the International Frozen Seafood Exhibition (CONXEMAR), which takes place from October 3rd to 5th at IFEVI, in Vigo (Pontevedra). We will keep you posted on time regarding these new products and other surprises that will take place during the exhibition, right here in this blog. Stay tuned!

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