The cream of the sea crop, right at your table!

All along these three decades of existence, Eurofrits has been extending its range of products in an effort to satisfy our customer needs, offering a complete catalogue of different specialties, always with the maximum quality. Our portfolio encompasses over 60 products, covering a diversity of families: meat, chicken, fish, croquettes, as well as potatoes of every type and a delicious range of Snacks and appetisers. Today we focus on products that come from the sea.

Of all the fish specialties in our catalogue, hake is at the centre of stage, in different formats: Portions, Patties or traditional Battered Hake. For the younger eaters, we have created a line that should contribute to turn kids into the healthy habit of eating fish: Tuna Nuggets, Hake Fingers or Hake Funny Shapes.

Also in our Sea Specialties catalogue one can find special dishes for children. We all know how important is to include fish in a healthy diet, but sometimes the younger ones are reluctant to go down this road. For that reason it is helpful to present these products with a more fun appearance, such as Pies or Mini Tuna Pies, Cod Fritters, the Extruded Squid Rings or the typical Jumbo Squid Rings.

In sum, the cream of the sea crop, right there at your table!


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