The rise of the food sector

According to the “Food Consumption in Spain Report 2015”, published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Issues, total food expenditure has increased both in and out of homes in the country. These are good news that put an end to the downward trend of last year.

Positive figures for the sector: spending in Food in Spain rose in 2015 to a total of 99,037 million euros, which is a 1,01% increase on 2014 figures. This was possible thanks to the solid demand for food and drinks for both households and retail.

Household consumption

As far as family expenditure, total spending in Food has totalled a sum of 67,043 million euros, which adds up to 67,7% of total expenditure. By categories, it is worth highlighting the relevance of fresh food for families, which make up 41,3% of total volume consumed and 44,5% of the total budget allocated for food.

Regarding purchasing habits, supermarkets are still the preferred channel for shopping, representing a 44,1% of the food products purchases. The quality, the proximity /closeness and the good prices aside from offers, acted as the main drives when it comes to picking where to buy.

Retail consumption

During 2015 the total out of home consumption increased to 31,994 million euros. In comparison to the previous year, this means a rise of 1,2% in total sales as a result, primarily, of both visits and average ticket value. Therefore, 2015 points at a probable beginning of the recovery of the sector in Spain, with a net increase of 400 million euros.


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