Tapas verano Eurofrtis

The (single) tapas are just for summer

A deep-rooted habit in our country is tapas, especially in the summer time. However, it seems that the present Coronavirus situation is threatening this tradition… We can keep on enjoying savoury tapas on terraces and restaurants though sharing a dish of ‘papas bravas’ (‘bravas’ potatoes) or other dishes is something we will do again in the future. Single dishes for each diner are still allowed, provided that safety precautions are taken to avoid contagion such as protective safety masks, social distance and frequent hand-washing.

Many restaurants are offering individual tapas some of them split tapas in small quantities. This new option turns the tapas tradition from a ‘New’ to an ‘Ordinary’ consumer habit.

Many hoteliers are looking for new options to keep the tapas tradition as a pleasant experience within the current restrictions and to offer innovative products during these challenging times.

Our range Typical Tapas can be a source of inspiration, a comprehensive catalogue of Specialties to include in an irresistible tapas menu. Besides the typical breaded Squids or chicken Wings, our catalogue offers more sophisticated options such as our specialties flavoured with Cajun (Delicious chicken breast flavoured with Cajun and chicken Fillet flavoured with Cajun)

For people who don’t want to eat meat, our Typical Tapas Veggie range includes Snacks made with broccoli and cheese to enjoy healthy and savoury specialties at the same time, crunchy and creamy boletus edulis mushrooms filled with cheese and truffle-flavoured, sweet cheese and carrot Snacks marked with an original taste.

These options match with the idea that ‘Tapas are just for summer’, comply with the ‘New Ordinary Life’ and are valid until the end of 2020.

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