Tortilla de patatas, still reigning after all these years

If there was ever a landmark dish in Spain, even more than paella, that is the tortilla de patatas. With a long and not entirely clear history going back centuries, it has become the Spanish dish par excellence, easy to find in any bar or restaurant in the country. Eurofrits could not possibly ignore this typical product, with different varieties of frozen tortilla de patatas.

Various theories circulate regarding the birth of the tortilla de patatas, also called Spanish omelette. According to one legend, general Tomás de Zumalacárregui, with Bilbao under siege, invented the tortilla de patatas as a simple, quick and nutritious dish to take the Carlist troops out of their misery. Another account assures that it was invented by a housewife from Navarra, when the aforementioned Zumalacárregui stopped by her house. The lady, who only had eggs, onions and potatoes, made a scramble eggs dish that really impressed the general, who didn´t hesitate to popularize it among his troops.

According to the CSIC scientist Javier López Linaje, the origin of the Spanish omelette is based in the city of Villanueva de la Serena, in Extremadura, back in the 18th century, tracked down with documents that pin the tortilla down in this location in 1798, and giving credit for the invention to Joseph de Tena Godoy and the marquis of Robledo.

Regardless of its factual origin, what is beyond discussion is the tortilla de patatas is up to present day a most notable dish in Spanish cuisine, a simple recipe that is prepared nationwide following the same steps and is a regular in bar counters, family and restaurant tables, both as a snack taking the form of pincho and as a main dish for lunch or dinner and essential in outdoor picnics and popular festivities.

Eurofrits offers more than one variety in its catalogue: the standard tortilla de patatas with onion, round-shaped and made with potato, egg, onion, vegetable oil and salt, prepared without additives or preserves, quick frozen, and also a rectangular version of the same traditional recipe, the grilled tortilla de patatas with onion. ¡Buen provecho!

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