Typical Tapas: delights in small bites

Typical Tapas is a great small family that ever since it was born back in 2004 it has grown non-stop. We created this range to fill a gap for new products in a country where going for tapas is more than a habit. With Typical Tapas, the aperitif before lunch, afternoon snack or evening munching can all turn into a sampling session of quality products apt for all tastes.

This range is made up of 15 specialities in total, always with high quality and conceived to satisfy the needs of every kind of consumer. Children should be happy with it since half the range is dedicated to them. A demanding crew indeed, which may enjoy Breaded Squid Fingers, a mild chicken in various formats, such as Chicken Wings, marinated Chicken Fingers, standard Chicken Fingers, Chicken Pops or delicious cheese, with the Mozarella Fingers or Cheese Pops.

Particularly destined for children´s palate are the pops, a fun way to eat chicken breast, hake and shrimps, or cheese, so these snacks should be on their way to become their favourites.

The choice of Typical Tapas is topped off with the “Cabrales” Cheese Croquettes, Cod & Piquillo Balls, Carbonara Snack, or the slightly spicy Snack Jalapeño, Jalapeño Peppers and Chili Cheddar Nuggets. We expect you find this wide range inviting enough to dive into some delicacies of our cuisine, the best ingredients and the Know How endorsed by a brand with over 30 years of experience in the food sector.

Without a doubt, a range with a lot of potential in Spain, where the consumption of tapas or finger food is commonplace in bars and food outlets, as well as traditional or fast-food restaurants. Having said that, the tapas concept has become spread worldwide for a while now, and Typical Tapas will soon travel abroad and be available in international markets.

As specialists in the frozen foods sector, Eurofrits is pushing hard for this range and increasing its efforts widening its offer and coming up to date with new trends.

For more information on the Typical Tapas range, click HERE.

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