What´s for breakfast? Eurofrits churros!

Our catalogue offers a wide range of frozen products of entirely different families: meat, poultry, fish, croquettes, tapas and other specialties, as well as many varieties of potatoes. Today we would like to mention a very special product: the frozen churro. Our Loop-shaped Churros have had such a warm welcome that we have developed a variety of the traditional breakfasyt: the Oven Churro.

Flour dough, salt and sugar. Those are the only ingredients of our loop-shaped Churros, a colorant and preserves free product, ideal for breakfast or evening snack. They have been enthusiastically embraced by customers in both Retail and Restaurant channels.

But the Eurofrits churro has a distinctive feature: it holds the Kosher certificate, which has allowed our product to be consumed by the Jewish community and has enabled Eurofrits to enter a market as peculiar as the Israeli. “It was about three ago when we started to export this product to Israel in small quantities. The reception has been so warm that sales have increased year on year until they have reached a significant level”, asserts Manuel Gutiérrez, Eurofrits Exports director.

The warm embrace of this product has triggered a considerable research in order to develop a newer and healthier version of our most typical breakfast, the Oven Churro. A product with several advantages that come with the fact that it is pre-fried and it may be oven cooked, making the result a crispier and less greasy churro.

Another great advantage of this product, featured in the recent edition of the Conxemar Frozen Products International Fair (CONXEMAR), stems from the preparation without a fryer. Because of that our Oven Churro represents an interesting solution for restaurants and cafeterias with no fume extractor, given that they can be prepared in the oven or toaster, therefore enabling outlets to offer such a popular breakfast in this country.

To read more on loop-shaped Churros, press HERE.

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