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Why choosing frozen products?

Despite some people still believe that ‘frozen products are the worst choice’, current trends demonstrate that more and more consumers have been adding frozen products to their shopping cart. The latest Household Panel edited by the consulting company Nielsen shows that up to 98.7% Spanish households consume this kind of products with an average yearly expense of 155 € and an increased volume by 3.7%. This data will increase during year 2020 as the Covid-19 human health crisis implied a relevant growth in the consumption of frozen products during the lockdown.

Frozen products are also the most advantageous option for food stores, especially during the Coronavirus scenario, when the demand is more variable and unpredictable than in the past. This is the reason why it is essential to focus your business on frozen products as they offer a wide selection of food upon request and also keep physico-chemical properties unchanged.

At home, hotels and restaurants, frozen food is an advantageous option, but do we really know all its benefits? They are summed up in the 5 points below:

– THE BEST FOOD PRESERVATION: Freezing stops the development of microorganisms without the use of chemicals.

– AVAILABILITY ALL YEAR ROUND: Thanks to frozen food, some products are no longer subject to seasonal availability and this helps us to choose a varied and balanced diet all year round.

– CONVENIENCE: They are easy to store and prepare.

– THE SAME NUTRITIONAL VALUE: Frozen food keeps the same nutritional value as fresh one.

– SAME QUALITIES: When unfrozen, frozen products keep the same qualities as fresh ones in terms of aspect, flavour, texture…

Eurofrits uses special freezing techniques for the purpose of offering all these advantages to its products and increase their quality. For this reason, the company works with the IQF system (INDIVIDUAL QUICK FROZEN), a process ensuring that all products keep their original texture, nutritional value and taste just like fresh food.

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