Alimentando la vuelta al cole Eurofrits

‘Food’ back to school

After a strange summer time, the month of September starts in a different way: schools restart in compliance with all measures set to avoid the spread of Coronavirus disease. During the present weeks, children of all ages wake up early, go to lessons and take books again… Everybody tries to go back to the daily routine, though different from the past years, Children’s nutrition will always be one of our main concerns. For this reason, frozen products are the most recommended option: convenient, easy to prepare, they are well-accepted by children.

At Eurofrits we are commited to making this new normal more pleasant: we not only offer high-quality frozen products to our demanding public but also attractive food for children. We achieve our goal with highly demanded Specialties like the famous chicken nuggets , made with breaded and pre-fried chicken breast, one of our flagship products. Is there any child who doesn’t like nuggets?

Other typical food included in the children’s menu are there famous Croquettes in different versions: made with chicken, ham or dried salted cod (some of them are available in a small size). They are the best choice for our youngest customers as well as the classical Cordon Bleu or some specialties made with chicken like chicken Wings , chicken Sticks or marinated chicken Fingers.

Though fish is commonly less appreciated by children, breaded Squids, fried calamari Rings and Tuna small cakes are very successful.

These children’s specialties have a key role in our catalogue which is populated by new varieties every year. This is achieved by the cooperation of Eurofrits sales team, R&D department and Production Managers whose aim is to offer frozen products especially designed for children.


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